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20 Years Later, Snowboard Kids 2 Remains a Hidden Gem

Lights, Camera, Action Figures!

I Tried These Weird New Cereals So You Don't Have To

A Look Behind TV's Most Relatable Gaming Story In Ages

Designing the game console of the future (in 1997)

Iran’s Growing Nintendo Scene Pins Hopes On Smash Ultimate


Finally Appreciating Pokémon Snap

The Magic Behind 1994's Super Mario Mac & Cheese Commercial

The Warped Expectations Surrounding Video Game Classics

Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion Gets Surprisingly Dark

The Ups And Downs Of Mario Sports Games

The Week In Games: Time To Get Funky

That Time LEGO Launched An Anime-Inspired Universe

Every Kong, Ranked

Sunday Comics: I Shouldn't Have Done That

The Game Boy's Most Valuable Games

Craig of the Creek Is Refreshingly Real

Twelve More Of The Best Gaming Episodes In Cartoons

The Inspirations and Origins Behind OK K.O.'s Colorful New Brawler

How To Start Speedrunning Video Games

Breath of the Wild is Your Readers' Choice Game of the Year for 2017

What's Your Favorite Terrible Game?

EarthBound Finally Gets The Bizarre Cookbook It Deserves

The Week In Games: That Face Says It All

Purple Coins Are Super Mario Odyssey's Best Collectible

These Food-Based Pokémon Concepts Are Simply Delectable

How Originality And A Shaky Launch Crippled One Of 2017's Best Games

The 2017 Speakys: Readers' Choice Awards

What Goes Into Picking The 101 Video Games Kids Must Play

The Fake Sega CD Exclusives We Never Knew We Needed

Gaming's Weirdest Mashups That Worked Surprising Well

Splatoon 2's Salmon Run Is More Fun With Ridiculous Enemy Nicknames

OK K.O.! Is Charmingly Imperfect

The Nintendo Iran Club

Hey! Pikmin: The Tay Review

Splatoon 2: The TAY Review

TAY Preview: Splatoon 2 Single Player Fun

The Week In Game: The Morrowind Waker

What's Your E3 Dream Announcement?

That Time Nintendo and Sega Introduced 3D Gaming, In 1987

A Tale Of Two Totoro

Sunday Comics: Completely Avoidable

The Influence And Legacy Of Lego Island

Ana Is A Sleep-Inducing Monster In Overwatch’s Total Mayhem Mode

The Super Nintendo's Most Valuable Games

Five Classic Rhythm Games In Desperate Need Of An HD Remaster

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: The TAY Review

Every Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Race Track, Ranked

VOEZ: The TAY Review

The Disney of the 3DS: Animating with Flipnote Studio

Let's Talk About The Samurai Jack Revival

The Great Zelda Paraglider Challenge

Overwatch Is Your Readers' Choice Game of the Year For 2016

Uncharted 4 Is TAY Readers' GOTY For 2016

The 2016 Speakys: Readers' Choice Awards

The Year That Convinced Me First Person Was a Worthwhile Perspective

Super Mario Run: The TAY Review

The Best Game Ever: Pokémon Gold

The TAY Review Asset Overhaul

The Switch Appears to Improve On The Wii U's Best Features

The self-destructing game of 1986

The Week In Games: Turn The Beat Around

What Game Has The Best Original Soundtrack?

Vita 'Exclusives' Are My Favorite Part Of The PlayStation 4

It's Time We Got A Super Wario Bros. Game

Ko Takeuchi Is The Master Of Nerd Culture Doodles

The Best (And Worst) Console Redesigns

Good News, Kotaku! I'm Your Sunday Guest Editor

ABZÛ: The TAY Review

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is A Jack Of All Trades And A Master of None

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 9: Dracula in Reeboks

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Is A Clunky Mess

The 30 Best Super Nintendo Titles

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 8: Stork Squad

Sea of Thieves Is An Ambitious Experience

Overwatch's "Play of the Game" On A Budget


Kotaku ‘Shop Contest: Vantendo Special Edition: Winners!

Gaming's Best Seaside Shanties

Pokémon Communication Seems To Be Slowly Changing

Baby's First Assassin's Creed

The Week In Games: A Bloody Good Time

How To Counter Overwatch's Most Overused Heroes

That Time Disney Used The Tony Hawk Engine To Get "Extreme"

The Return of Samurai Jack Will Be A Bittersweet Reunion

Sunday Comics: Holy Gift Of Life

Halo and Chrono Trigger Collide In the Newest Episode of Super Gaming Quiz

The Original PlayStation's Most Valuable Games

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Vantendo Special Edition

Hoy, Small Fry! We're Ben and Narelle, and We're Taking Over Kotaku

A Guide to TAY Reviews

This Smash Bros. Anime Opening Is Ridiculous In All The Best Ways

Shaq Fu Punch: The SnackTAYku Review

Hyrule Warriors Legends: The TAY Review

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 6: Space Zoo

The Nintendo 64's Most Valuable Games

How to Unlock Characters, Stages and More in Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament: The TAY Review

TAY Video Preview: Pokkén Tournament Synergy Attacks

Assault Android Cactus: The TAY Review 


TAY Video Preview: Disney Infinity Zootopia

How To Catch Mew In Pokémon RedBlue and Yellow (3DS or Original)

Why Do YOU Love/Hate Twilight Princess?

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo! Episode 5: Gunshoes for Barbie


The Competitive Problem with Pokkén Tournament

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo: Episode 4 and Patreon Launch! 

A Troll Tried To Rig Our Readers' Choice GOTY, BuT The Witcher 3 Prevails

Best Buy Gamers Club Vs Amazon Prime

The 2015 Speakys: Readers' Choice Winners and GOTY Vote

Disney Infinity: The Force Awakens: The TAY Micro Review


Awesome Games Done Quick Starts Now! Let's Watch.

Challenger Approaching: The Final Suggestion Special

The Ho Ho Hofficial Secret Santa 2015 Reveal Thread

Secret Santa Sign-Ups Are Over, But Gravy Results Are In

8 Delectable Thanksgiving Cartoons (That You Can Stream Right Now)


Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo: Episode 2! 

How to Fix Tri Force Heroes

Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets Review (Nintendo Life)

Gaming! Trivia! Come Listen to a New Podcast Featuring Some TAY Folk

Guitar Hero Live Review (Nintendo Life)

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations: The TAY Review

Yoshi's Woolly World: The TAY Review

TAY Preview: Yoshi's Woolly World and Mad Curtain Jumping Skills

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash: The TAY Review

Disney Infinity: Rise Against the Empire: The TAY Micro Review

Crazy Redd's Amiibo Card Exchange

Come Take a Tour of Luigi's 8-Bit Mansion

Disney Infinity 3.0: The TAY Review

Mario Maker TAYta Base

Early Donkey Kong Country Art Shows 'Realistic' Enemies and Animal Pals

Mario Tunes and Terrible Disney CGI Make A Horrifying Music Video

12 Of The Best Gaming Episodes In Cartoons

Rocket League Needs To Be The Next Big eSport

Pokkén Tournament is The Pokémon Game I Always Wanted

Nintendo Announces Pikmin 4 In The Weirdest Way

Here's Link Showing Off 24 Of His New Outfits

Steven Universe, Explained

Sin and Punishment Review (Nintendo Life)


Woah Dave! Review (Nintendo Life)

What Games Are On Your Radar? Fall and Winter 2015 Edition

The Greatest Console I Never Ended Up Making

Kung Fu FIGHT! Review (Nintendo Life)

You Too Can Own an N64 Table

Airport hero narita Review (Nintendo Life)

Hands on with the spooktacular Luigi's Mansion Arcade


Exploring the Shrine That Inspired Star Fox

Legendary Nintendo PlayStation Surfaces (But is it Legit?)

How to Improve the Ever-Expanding World of Physical DLC

Nindies@Home: Midterm Report Card

Nintendo Announces XDS? Probably Not. 

Nintendo Announces EarthBound Beginnings for Wii U

The Silly and Surprisingly Dark Secrets oF Splatoon's Sunken Scrolls

Seven Splatoon Tips to Ink the Competition


TAY Preview: Splatoon Single Player

Thoughts on Splatoon's Global Testfire Demo

Why Super Smash Bros. Wii U Deserves to Dethrone Melee

StrongBad April Fools is Best April Fools

Nintendo Direct Predictions: No Foolin' Edition

SEGA Wants You To Actually Run In Their Newest Sonic Title

Loki and Falcon Take Over My Couch (and Disney Infinity 2.0)

Kirby and The Rainbow Curse: The TAY Review

Bricks Ahoy! The Best of Classic Pirate LEGO

The Most Unappreciated Platformers of the '90s

Gold Mario amiibo is Real... and a Wal-Mart Exclusive

New 3DS XL: The TAY Review

Super Smash Rumors: Rayman Joins the Battle?

Let's Cast the Newly Announced Legend of Zelda Netflix Series

The Best Donkey Kong Country Ever Made

"Customs for a Cure" Amiibo Auctions are Live


This is How Much We 3D

TAY Poll: How Much Do You 3D?

TAY Preview: Disney Infinity Marvel Bad Guys


The Amiibo Collector's Guide

Wahaha! Waluigi Amiibo is #1!

The 2014 Speakys: Winners and GOTY Voting

The 2014 Speakys: Readers' Choice Awards

Winter Wonderlands: What's Your Favorite Snowy Setting?

Let's Rank Super Mario Platformers, From Worst to Best

How to Unlock all Characters and Stages in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Mewtwo Will NOT be Paid DLC for Smash Bros. (From the Start)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The TAY Review

Amiibo: The TAY Micro Review

PSA: Article Etiquette


10 Year-Old Smash Prodigy Dubbed "Karissa the Destroyer"

Disney Infinity's 2.0 Originals, Ranked

Nintendo Fans aren't Happy with the Downgrade in Amiibo Quality

Extremely 'Accurate' Nintendo Direct Smash Bros Predictions

Amiibos are Pointless (But I Still Want to Collect Them All)

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS: The TAY Review

Disney Infinity's Marvel Super Heroes, Ranked

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition): The TAY Review

How Marvel's Greatest Make the Disney Infinity Cut

PAX Prime 2014: Games at a Glance

Downloadable Commercialism: You Got Your Branding in My Game!

Tales of the Sixth Grade: Driving Me Batty

Tales of the Sixth Grade: Anime Friends

The Meta Knight Returns

My First Girlfriend was a Pokémon NPC

Wii Sports Club: The TAY Review

Could the Wii U GamePad Go the Way of the Kinect?

Tinkerbell and Stitch Announced for Disney Infinity 2.0

Dear Club Nintendo, I Hate You

Challenger Approaching Special: Roster Prediction (Q3)

Diddy Kong Racing 2 Rumors Arise

A Quick History Lesson on Super Mario Bros.

SNES and Super Famicom GBAs are Truly a Thing of Beauty

Shovel Knight: The TAY Review

A Brief @!#?ing History of Swearing in Video Games

TAY Preview: Shovel Knight

Second Half of 2014: What's on Your Radar?

Nintendo Amiibo Packaging Revealed

TAY Impressions: Super Smash Bros Wii U

New Smash Bros Demo for Wii U AND 3DS Coming to Nintendo World

TAY Predicts E3: Microsoft

TAY Predicts E3: Sony

TAY Predicts E3: Nintendo

8 Tips for Mastering Mario Kart 8

Get N or Get Out: What Nintendo Fans Need to See at E3

Ike is Back and Bulked Up to Smash You Good

Nintendo Partners with PDP to Make GameCube-esque Smash Controllers

Mario Kart 8: The TAY Review

TAY Preview: Mario Kart 8 - Thwomp Ruins

Limited Edition Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell Bundle Announced for US*

TAY Review Update: Review Card 2.0

Mario Golf: World Tour: The TAY Review

Could Smash Bros' Staggered Release Spell Trouble for the Wii U?

Rusty's Real Deal Baseball: The TAY Review

Rusty's Real Deal Baseball: The Right Way to do In-Game Purchases

Creative Force Behind Hex Heroes Talks RTS, Accessibility and Onions

Challenger Approaching Special: Roster Prediction (Q2)

Nintendo Announces Mother Complete for 3DS (in Japan)

Mario Golf: World Tour Adds Items to the Mix

Melee Returns to MLG and EVO in 2014

LEGO of My Wallet: A Trip to Brick World 2014

Why You Should be More Excited for New Mario Golf

Adventure Time: Card Wars (TCG): The TAY Review

Catching Up With the Man Who MadeDonkey Kong Country's Brilliant Music

New Rideable Mario Kart Announced So Your Children Can Live Your Dreams

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: The TAY Review

The TAY Review System (That You Can Use if You Want!) UPDATED 6/16

Wii U GBA Titles Announced for Japan

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